The 8th edition of RBK International Academy, the Model United Nations
Conference – RMUN was held online on 24 th and 25 th October , 2020. Student
delegates from grade 6 and grade 9 gave it their best shot and thoroughly enjoyed
the exceedingly interesting event. The names of the award-winning students are as

1. Master Micquel Devlaliwala- Got the ‘Best- Delegate’ award in his IAEA committee.
2. Master Ishaan Mehta- Got the ‘Honourary Mention.’
3. Master Devadit Jain – Got a special mention
4. Master Karan Bhagchandani- Got a verbal mention.
5. Master Aadiv Jain- Got a verbal mention.
6. Master Kaustubh Roy – Got a special mention
The RMUN experience created a lifetime of memories for all the young delegates which
would serve as a stepping stone for participation in the many other MUNs to come.