The Campion School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) – has been formed for the purpose of integrating the harmonious development of our students both at home and at school. The role of the PTA is to promote mutual cooperation and understanding between parents and teachers of the School. The PTA confines its activities to the objects of the Association which are expected to be in consonance with those of the Campion High School Society. Parents participate in specific activities of the PTA on a voluntary basis.


Campion School Parents-Teacher Association: 2022 – 2023

PTA office Bearers

Hon. President Hon. Vice President Hon. Secretary (Teacher) Hon. Secretary (Parent) Hon. Treasurer
PRINCIPAL – Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S.J. Ms. Nandita Furtado Dr. Mitesh Gala Mr. Vinay Aggarwal Ms. Sherezade Patrawalla


PTA Class Representatives for the year 2022 – 2023


Dr. Sonam Gandhi Ms. Arti Rohra Ms. Rahila Lakhani Ms. Shweta Srivastava
Ms. Dhwani Jain Ms. Persis Anklesaria Ms. Sherezade Patrawala Ms. Manisha Nanavaty
1 – A 1 – B 2 – A 2 – B
Mr. Shreyas Jajoo Ms. Nidhi Chokhani Ms. Vera Bhabha Ms. Nitu Barretto
3 – A 3 – B 4 – A 4 – B
Ms. Kripa Manek Dr. Farah Mistri Ms. Ummehani Pardiwala Ms. Vidya Iyer
5 – A 5 – B 6 – A 6 – B
Ms. Anushri Trivedi Capt. Sheriff D’Costa Mr. Vinay Agarwal Ms. Sakshi Munjal
7 – A 7 – B 8 – A 8 – B
Ms. Khushboo Sagar Ms. Manreez Yazdegardi Ms. Nandita Furtado Ms. Nidhi Wable
9 – A 9 – B 10 – A 10 – B