The Literary Day was held with a lot of enthusiasm on 28th October, 2020 for Classes 5 to 9. The day’s proceedings included the Impromptu event for Classes 5 to 7 and Debates for Class 8 and 9.

It was spectacular to see the preparation and confidence of all contenders which impressed not only the audience, but also the judges. The boys gave it their best shot and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Though the virtual medium was a completely new platform to showcase their talent, the boys took it in their stride and excelled again, as always!

Commendable Performance was awarded to the following students for the Impromptu Event:

Class 5

  1. Mikhail Fernandez
  2. Ammar Sharafally
  3. Jagveer Bhatia

Class 6

  1. Devadit Jain
  2. Ishaan Mehta
  3. Aarjav Shah
  4. Ethan Jeniklas

Class 7

  1. Ved Sona
  2. Kiaan Mistri
  3. Huzaifa Poonawala
  4. Yohan Ved

The Debate was conducted between the two divisions of Class 8 and Class 9, where in Classes 8 B and 9 B emerged victorious. Advay Sardesai of Class 8 A and Anhad Singh of Class 9 B were voted Best Speakers for the respective events.

It was truly refreshing to see all our students participate so enthusiastically and make the day a grand success.

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