Literature has always been appreciated by the general public and given the greatest of ovations. We rose in the spirit of literature on the 19th of January, 2018 to celebrate Literary Day.

Campion was honoured by the presence of 20 schools.What made the day’s proceedings so electrifying were the events held at various venues of the school. These were the Twist- a – tale, What’s the Good Word, Lord of Lit, Spell-bound, Verse –it-ility and the Speak-a-thon contests.

The schools present put up an amazing performance with Cathedral and John Connan winning the overall trophy and Green Lawns being declared the Runner Up.

The first-timers made very clear, the fact that they were happy to have this platform as a jump-off point for their future endeavours. It was, ‘A celebration of the power of great minds in the noblest of arts’.