The Kindergarten Sport’s Day festival was held on 18thJanuary 2020 at the Wellington Back garden. It started at 8.00 am and finished well on time. Our chief guests for the day were Mr. Eric Randeria and Ms. Hutoxi Randeria. It began with the JR.KG March pass and which was followed by the SR.KG students. The students also performed a drill after which they marched back to their respective places and got ready for the different races. The Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg students displayed 6 different races, each showcasing the child’s team work, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, eye hand coordination, observation skills, body balance and concentration. The Sr.Kg children also displayed Yoga and Gymnastics. The Mum’s and Dad’s were not far behind, they too participated in the parents race with great enthusiasm and zeal. On the whole the Kindergarten Sports Day Festival was well spent and highly appreciated, enjoyed and cheered by all parents and students.


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