“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not
only for himself, but for his family”

   – Reed Markham

The teachers and students of the middle and senior school celebrated Father’s Day with a lot of enthusiasm. It is not only the first event of the academic year but also a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood and the influence of fathers on the child in particular and the society in general. The entire week starting 14th June 2021, was dedicated to one of the most valuable person in our lives, our fathers. Teacher’s conducted various activities on the theme Father’s Day with the students as a preparation for International Father’s Day which is celebrated worldwide on 20th of June.

● The language teachers conducted various activities with the students like essay writing on favorite memories of a father figure in their life, limerick writing, recitation sessions and making origami cards.

● The students displayed their creativity by making beautiful cards for their Fathers in the art period under the able guidance of their art teacher.
● Value education teachers discussed the importance of Father’s day by preparing power point presentations and cards with special notes from a child to his father.

● In the language classes, students wrote letters to their fathers, wrote essays and short poems on the importance of fathers in their lives.
● The students of class 8 made beautiful cards for their fathers in the art period under the able guidance of their art teacher.

● In the values education class, teachers discussed the origin and importance of Father’s day. Students shared the character traits of their fathers which they value the most and the importance of father’s in a child’s life. Students made collage of the quotes, messages on the importance of a father figure in their lives.
The week long celebrations were an effort to celebrate the presence of fathers in our lives and bring out the essence of Father’s day.

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