Keen co-operation on the playground tends to develop sportsmanship, team spirit and a healthy spirit of emulation. A high level of individual performance is encouraged, but the spirit of team work is strongly insisted upon.

Freedom of expression is key to a democratic society. Perhaps, the highest form of this freedom is found when performing arts flourish through dance and theatre. Our students are encourage to express themselves and participate in external and in-house competitions.

The school lays emphasis on fine arts such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry. These could eventually lead to careers in film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking.

Elocution, Debating,Quiz and Dramatics :
The aim is the training of students from the earliest years in the art of public speaking, orderly and gentlemanly argumentation, and discovering and developing dramatic talent among the students of the higher classes. To stimulate interest in this important branch of education, prizes are awarded annually to the best individual speakers both in English and in Hindi and to the best Class and House in Inter-Class, Inter-House Elocution, Dramatic and General Knowledge competitions.