The Campion School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) – has been formed for the purpose of integrating the harmonious development of our students both at home and at school. The role of the PTA is to promote mutual cooperation and understanding between parents and teachers of the School. The PTA confines its activities to the objects of the Association which are expected to be in consonance with those of the Campion High School Society. Parents participate in specific activities of the PTA on a voluntary basis.

Campion School Parents-Teacher Association:


PTA office Bearers

Hon. President PRINCIPAL – Mr. Paul Machado
Hon. Vice President Ms. Disha Mody
Hon. Secretary (Teacher) Mr. Denziano Rodrigues
Hon. Secretary (Parent) Ms. Zinobia Mody
Hon. Treasurer Mr. Vinay Aggarwal


PTA Class Representatives for the year 2014 – 2015

PREP – A Ms. Benaifer Khisay
PREP – B Ms. Aditi Kedia
1 – A Ms. Shruti Poddar
1 – B Capt. Sheriff D’Costa
2 – A Mr. Vinay Aggarwal
2 – B Ms. Sakshi Munjal
3 – A Ms. Kavita Wadhwani
3 – B Dr. Farah Mistri
4 – A Ms. Nidhi Wable
4 – B Ms. Priya Nahar
5 – A Ms. Vaitika Moloobhai
5 – B Ms. Kainaz Master
6 – A Ms. Sunandini Balan
6 – B Ms. Tenaz Batliwalla
7 – A Ms. Namrata Shah
7 – B Ms. Meesha Siqueira Vaz
8 – A Ms. Alifya Darukhanawala
8 – B Mr. Anirudh Kaushal
9 – A Ms. Naina Majumdar
9 – B Ms. Roopali Mashruwala
10 – A Ms. Zinobia Mody
10 – B Ms. Disha Mody