The patron saint of our school, St Edmund Campion, was martyred on 1st December, 1581 at the promising age of 41. We, the Campion family are inspired by his invincible courage, unwavering faith and ardent conviction for truth and justice. These are the common ideals that bind us in our endeavour to strive for excellence and for the greater glory of God. On the 1st December, 2020, the Council of Management, Principal, Staff, students and parents came together for a virtual prayer service to not only honour our patron but also to renew our commitment of our duties and responsibilities to the will of God.


The Literary Day was held with a lot of enthusiasm on 28th October, 2020 for Classes 5 to 9. The day’s proceedings included the Impromptu event for Classes 5 to 7 and Debates for Class 8 and 9.

It was spectacular to see the preparation and confidence of all contenders which impressed not only the audience, but also the judges. The boys gave it their best shot and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Though the virtual medium was a completely new platform to showcase their talent, the boys took it in their stride and excelled again, as always!

Commendable Performance was awarded to the following students for the Impromptu Event:

Class 5

  1. Mikhail Fernandez
  2. Ammar Sharafally
  3. Jagveer Bhatia

Class 6

  1. Devadit Jain
  2. Ishaan Mehta
  3. Aarjav Shah
  4. Ethan Jeniklas

Class 7

  1. Ved Sona
  2. Kiaan Mistri
  3. Huzaifa Poonawala
  4. Yohan Ved

The Debate was conducted between the two divisions of Class 8 and Class 9, where in Classes 8 B and 9 B emerged victorious. Advay Sardesai of Class 8 A and Anhad Singh of Class 9 B were voted Best Speakers for the respective events.

It was truly refreshing to see all our students participate so enthusiastically and make the day a grand success.

RMUN 2020-2021

The 8th edition of RBK International Academy, the Model United Nations
Conference – RMUN was held online on 24 th and 25 th October , 2020. Student
delegates from grade 6 and grade 9 gave it their best shot and thoroughly enjoyed
the exceedingly interesting event. The names of the award-winning students are as

1. Master Micquel Devlaliwala- Got the ‘Best- Delegate’ award in his IAEA committee.
2. Master Ishaan Mehta- Got the ‘Honourary Mention.’
3. Master Devadit Jain – Got a special mention
4. Master Karan Bhagchandani- Got a verbal mention.
5. Master Aadiv Jain- Got a verbal mention.
6. Master Kaustubh Roy – Got a special mention
The RMUN experience created a lifetime of memories for all the young delegates which
would serve as a stepping stone for participation in the many other MUNs to come.

Campion school Investiture Ceremony 2020- 2021

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”            — Vince Lombardi

The Campion School Investiture Ceremony held online via Zoom on 19th September, 2020 saw the emergence of a fresh, motivated batch of new leaders. The Student Council of 2020-21 took an oath in an innovative E-investiture ceremony. The investing officer Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas and the Principal, Ms. Bhavna Mehrotra bestowed the School Captain, School Vice Captain, Sports Captain, House Prefects, and Catholic Leaders with their badges and associated responsibilities.

The school leaders were bestowed with various designations and the honour of pinning the badges were done by their parents. The investing officer Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas addressed the newly invested school council with his fine words of wisdom. Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala congratulated the newly appointed school prefectorial board and expressed her belief in their abilities and encouraged them to pave the way forward for the greater glory of God. Our esteemed Principal, Ms. Bhavna Mehrotra inspired and encouraged the elected leaders to be dutiful and responsible in her address to the gathering. The solemn occasion ended with the vote of thanks by the newly elected School Captain followed by the school anthem.

Online Hindi Diwas Celebration

Campion School hosted its first virtual Hindi Diwas Programme on 14th September, 2020, to celebrate the richness of the beautiful language that we all hold very close to our hearts. As we stand on the threshold of a new way of life, this day marked a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity. 

The programme started with a Debate Competition in Hindi for Class 10, which was also attended by the students of Class 9.The event earned a lot of praise by both the judges, Dr. Meena Shukla Rawat and Mr.Dinesh Singh, who are established scholars of the language.The speaker for the event of class 8 and 9, Dr.Nupur Krishnan, delighted the students by explaining the importance of the language by narrating a Sanskrit shloka.The results of the previously organised elocution competition for Classes 5 to 7 were declared by Mrs Alka Thakur, who was the speaker for the event. All in all, the day was well spent and thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike.

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