Dear Alumnus,

Greetings! Gaudium in Veritate!!

Each and every one of you enjoys a very special and unique relationship with Campion. This needs to be nurtured and strengthened. We, at Campion, wish to share with you the joys and sorrows, the highs and lows and the hopes and aspirations of our school. We will be sending regular communications to you by e-mail and would welcome any feedback and suggestions. We also request you to help in any way possible to make the learning experience at Campion the best that there is.

Please spare a minute to fill up the information form so that we can compile our data base. Please also tell all your alumni friends to go to our website and register on it.

Let us work together for the greater good and glory of Campion. We have miles to go before we sleep.

Best regards,
Eric Borges
Chairperson, CoM

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The broad objectives of the OCA (Old Campionites’ Association, Campion School, Mumbai) are to act as a medium of contacting and locating and keeping in touch with friends / teachers of yester years and providing information of current events and happenings at the school, and the OCA. It is also a forum of networking and contacting and identifying ex-Campionites in different fields at different locations to promote potential advantageous interaction be it business or social even if they are from different generations with the intent of exploiting opportunities of a common alma mater.

The OCA also helps the present students to identify and interact with old boys and get the benefits of advice guidance or simply a godfather in a strange place.

The Old Campionites Association (OCA) :